Mischievous mice

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, even adult elephants.

The Little Bookworms loved the thought of a young elephant mistaking a mouse for a tiny elephant and were surprised to discover that Daddy Elephant was afraid of mice.

They watched with amazement as the mice attempted to remove almost everything from the elephants’ house after some apparently “dangerous cheese”. Who can resist a cheese selection?

What a relief that Mummy Elephant was able to save the day.


Powerful pop ups

Quite possibly one of my new favourite books ❤️

Emotions can be confusing and expressing them can be even more of a challenge. Demonstrating different emotions through a range of colours was a great way to encourage the Little Bookworms to discuss what goes on inside their heads. The stunning illustrations and 3D pops-ups were also a big hit with the Little Bookworms (and with me).

The illustrations were such a hit that I couldn’t help but think that we were all feeling pink by the end of the book.

I’m hoping that this relatable portrayal of emotions will help the Little Bookworms to be more open about their emotions in the future.

A hungry crocodile

The book begins like a fairytale, “Once upon a time…”, until an intruder appears.

The Little Bookworms identified the intruder instantly- a crocodile. They didn’t anticipate what would happen next. The crocodile wreaks havoc by eating words, but luckily, with the help of the Little Bookworms, we lulled the crocodile to sleep.

The Little Bookworms loved drawing all over the crocodile and chasing him out of the book.

Their faces dropped when he munched through the page and could have ended up in our classroom…

A persuasive pigeon

At the beginning of the book, the Little Bookworms were given a very important job – to watch the bus while the bus driver takes a break. They were thrilled at being entrusted with such responsibility.

A devious pigeon has long anticipated the moment that he might finally be able to drive the bus. There were mixed opinions about whether the pigeon should be allowed to drive the bus, as was evident through the Little Bookworms’ loud “yes” and “no” exclamations.

Despite the pigeon’s whining, tantrums and bribes, some of the Little Bookworms remained determined not to let the pigeon drive the bus. I’ve definitely seen elements of such determination in the classroom! I hope the Little Bookworms can apply this when it comes to peer pressure and make the right choice.

Bananas aren’t the only fruit that know how to party

Today the Little Bookworms taught me that there’s nothing quite like a kitchen disco.

The colourful front cover caught my eye when I was searching for books to share with the Little Bookworms and when I revealed our book for the day, there were squeals of excitement.

The Little Bookworms loved the dancing fruit (especially DJ banana who bravely does the banana splits) and the rhymes. They all joined in with the catchy chorus and giggled and giggled when they danced like they just didn’t care.

I wonder if any of the Little Bookworms will stay up tonight to listen out for the disco in their kitchen 🎉

A hangry giant

The Little Bookworms were astounded by this twist on the classic “Jack and the Beanstalk”. They couldn’t believe that the giant could possibly be in search of a “fabulous meal” of children.

Luckily, the children (including Jack, the tastiest snack in the giant’s opinion), convince The Giant of Jum that he is in fact a magnificently friendly giant.

They also introduce him to a new way of filling his stomach – cake.

The “Fo!”, “Fum!”, “Fi!” and “Fee!” is replaced by “Ho!”, “Hum’”, “Ha!” and “Hee!”. The giant is satisfied and the children who saw the best in him are saved. Thank goodness for open minds and cake 🍰

A friendship written in the stars

Bob longs for a best friend and can’t help but feel glum and lonely, especially when bouncing on his bouncy castle all by himself. The Little Bookworms had great friendship advice for Bob – if only he could have heard them.

Unlike Bob, the observant Little Bookworms spotted the eager one-eyed dog who follows Bob across the galaxy. The dog unexpectedly pops up from a crater and they become best-ever friends.

Friends can be found in unexpected places and can also open your mind, just as Barry introduces Bob to the realm of alien animals.

An all-consuming invite

After writing invitations yesterday and talking about the excitement of parties, this book seemed like a perfect choice for the Little Bookworms.

Minnie is heartbroken after not receiving an invitation to Charles’ party. The “missing” invite consumes her every thought and even features in Minnie’s spelling test.

Will Minnie be invited to Charles’ party or has she really been forgotten? A question that I left the Little Bookworms to ponder before revealing the ending tomorrow.

“You might be afraid of the dark, but the dark is not afraid of you”.

Lemony Snicket and Jon Klassen bring the dark to life in this ominous book.

Through the simple illustrations and powerful words, the Little Bookworms became part of Laszlo’s journey as he overcomes his fear of the dark.

Since the dark lives in the same house as Laszlo, he finds it sneaking around, especially at night. One night, Laszlo bravely follows the dark into its room.

Rather than being an ominous presence, the dark becomes more of a friend, and shows Laszlo where to find a light so that he (the dark) doesn’t trouble Laszlo quite so much. The Little Bookworms sighed with relief at this point, relieved that Laszlo could live in peace.

Seeing Laszlo overcome his fear encouraged the Little Bookworms to share their fears. We came up with some great ways to overcome fears and I hope that the Little Bookworms will put this into practice.

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