A dinotastic read

The title of this picture book perfectly sums up the Little Bookworms’ feelings about dinosaurs. The Little Bookworms have taught me so much about dinosaurs over the last couple of weeks, including how to say the names of lots of different dinosaurs.

This book uses fantastic adjectives to describe what a range of dinosaurs look like, how they move, and what they eat. The Little Bookworms were inspired to think of synonyms for the adjectives, and immediately spotted the rhymes.

When certain characteristics were described, the Little Bookworms were keen to use their scientific vocabulary, such as herbivore, carnivore and extinct. They really are dinosaur experts. By the end of the book, I was well and truly amazed by the Little Bookworms’ dinosaur knowledge.


A sandwich with a story

The Little Bookworms couldn’t believe that a sandwich could have such an adventure. A poor, hungry badger has his eyes on the peanut butter sandwich as soon as its intended consumer enters the park.

The sandwich travels through a sandpit, a pond, is rolled over by a skateboard and the list continues. Each time, the sandwich becomes more and more disgusting, and the Little Bookworms loved joining in with the “It’s disgusting” line throughout the book.

Most of the animals reject the sandwich as it is completely and utterly disgusting. On the other hand, the ravenous badger does not seem to mind where the sandwich has been. Even when the sandwich is crawling with flies and slugs, the badger’s tummy continues to rumble. The badger makes the three second rule seem very sensible.

Will the badger actually eat the revolting-looking sandwich?

Hats, hats, hats

Harbet loves his “toasty” hat, knitted by his Nana, but his friends aren’t quite so keen.

Harbet’s hat isn’t fashionable enough for them. Harbet desperately tries to keep up with the trends, and even buys a fruit hat to fit in with his friends. The Little Bookworms loved the idea of a fruit hat, but thought it would look very funny if the wearer was peckish.

Will Harbet keep on trying to please his friends? Or will he set his own trend and realise that it’s best to stop worrying about what other people think?

Emily Gravett’s illustrations of the dozens and dozens of hats are fantastic. The Little Bookworms had some more brilliant ideas about hats that Harbet could wear, including a donut hat and a flashing hat. I’d love to see the Little Bookworms design those hats!

Terrible lizards

One of the Little Bookworms brought this book into school today, and absolutely loved revealing all of the dinosaur facts he knew.

This fantastic non-fiction book is packed with mind-blowing facts. The Little Bookworms were amazed to discover how enormous the biggest dinosaur was, and why some dinosaurs had knobbly backs, tails and a sail!

One of the facts that really stuck with the Little Bookworms was the etymology of the word “dinosaur”, as “dino” comes from the Greek word for terrible, and “saurs” comes from the word for lizard. After learning the meanings of different Latin and Greek words, the Little Bookworms had great fun inventing their own dinosaur names! They came up with some truly terrifying creations.

A prehistoric adventure

Today, the Little Bookworms started learning about dinosaurs. When I thought about dinosaur-themed books, this book sprung to mind, especially after our recent Katie adventures.

A few of the Little Bookworms have been to the Natural History Museum, and they were absolutely certain that it was better than Grandma had made it out to be. The “absolutely no admittance whatsoever” sign on the door caught the Little Bookworms’ attention. I couldn’t turn the page quick enough to reveal what was behind the door…

Katie is greeted with not just dinosaur bones, but real dinosaurs! Luckily, the first dinosaurs she meets are all herbivores, and Katie very kindly shares her picnic with them. Who knew dinosaurs were such big fans of cucumber sandwiches?

All is well in the prehistoric kingdom until a ravenous Tyrannosaurs Rex comes crashing through the jungle. The T-Rex is particularly keen on Katie. At this point, the Little Bookworms gasped and cowered behind their hands.

Will Katie escape from the gigantic T-Rex? Will she lose more than just her yellow scarf? Or will she come up with a cunning plan?

A very defiant bear

The Little Bookworms had a lot of sympathy for the poor mouse in this book. All the mouse wants to do is sit on his chair – surely that’s not too much to ask?

The bear smugly sits on the chair for most of the book, much to the mouse’s annoyance. The Little Bookworms loved spotting the rhymes, and the rhymes and bold words made the story very humorous. The mouse is so determined to have his chair back that he even jumps out in his underwear to try and scare the bear (the Little Bookworms’ favourite part).

Full of range, the mouse is in complete despair. He’s tried absolutely everything he can think of. Will he ever get his chair back?

Fancy footwear and delightful delicacies

Today, Fitz and Will were back by popular demand. I was surprised by how many of the Little Bookworms knew about graduations, until I discovered that lots of them had their own graduation ceremony when they left nursery. To celebrate finishing nursery, the children even made their own mortarboards!

The Little Bookworms loved following the mischievous Fitz and Will through the streets of Cambridge, spotting the sights. Their eyes opened wide when they saw the delicious food in the market square, and our mouths almost began to water at the cakes at the graduation feast. It’s hard to imagine how much Fitz and Will must have wanted to sneak off with a cake, especially Fitz, who dreams of “wonderful food”.

Fitz and Will have the time of their lives at the graduation ceremony. Fitz becomes so overwhelmed by the assortment of footwear that the feline friends become separated.

Will the Cambridge cats be reunited? Will they return to the trusty lions at the end of the day to continue dreaming of shoes and food?

Slightly unusual lucky mascots

The Little Bookworms were amazed to see a book filled with familiar landmarks of Cambridge and London. They were particularly excited when they spotted the Corpus Clock, and they remembered what we’d learnt about it on our recent school trip.

Fitz and Will are two very adventurous cats who travel to London with the Cambridge boat race team. After trying to sneak a peek of the queen, Fitz and Will cheer on the Cambridge team, and find themselves unexpectedly dipping a little more than their paws into the water.

Will Cambridge win the race with their two lucky mascots?

The Little Bookworms loved the idea of having lucky mascots. I have a feeling that they’ll be keeping their eyes peeled for the adventurous pair when they’re out and about in Cambridge.

Do not dismay, the aliens in underpants are on their way

One of the Little Bookworms brought this book (one of his favourite books) into school. As soon as the Little Bookworms heard “underpants”, they roared with laughter.

A book about friendly aliens who absolutely love pants, what could be funnier? When the Little Bookworms weren’t too busy laughing, they loved guessing the rhyming words, and counting how many pants they could see!

The aliens are on a mission to pinch some pants and they are not fussy. Suddenly, their mission is interrupted by a giant meteorite heading towards Earth.

Unlike the humans, who are not entirely sure how to prevent disaster, the aliens have a fantastic plan. Without delay, the aliens get stitching and create a humongous pair of pants.

Just as the aliens had planned, the enormous pants successfully repel the meteorite back into space. The aliens really did save the world, which I suppose makes up for all of the pants-pinching that they have done.

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