Three friendly skeletons

I have very fond memories of picking up this story from the book corner of my classroom when I was the same age as the Little Bookworms. I was surprised by how few of the Little Bookworms had come across this book before.

The Little Bookworms were enthralled from the moment they heard the memorable description of the story’s setting. They loved joining in with the “dark dark” descriptions and wanted to go on an adventure through the “dark dark town” with the friendly skeletons.

There were laughs all around when the skeleton dog fell apart. The other skeletons try to put him back together, but noises from the dog show that something isn’t quite right.

Even though the skeletons are looking for someone to scare, they are friendly really and actually end up giving themselves a scare! As well as being humorous, this story also created brilliant scientific discussions. An all round fantastic story, especially since it comes in a big book version!


An adorable alien

The Little Bookworms really empathised with Beegu who is lost on Earth after her spaceship crashes. She tries to talk to rabbits, trees and leaves, but nothing can understand her.

Luckily, children are happy to become her friends, until a big Earth creature appears who is not so welcoming.

Beegu is starting to lose hope until her spaceship arrives and she is reunited with her family. The Little Bookworms came up with fantastic adjectives to describe how Beegu must feel.

A fantastic insight into our world from an outsider and a beautiful message about how welcoming children can be.

The Little Bookworms are very excited to be meeting Alexis Deacon on Monday!

The crayons are back

When I showed the Little Bookworms the front cover of this book there were squeals of excitement that there was a sequel to “The Day the Crayons Quit”.

The Little Bookworms were intrigued by all of the postcards waiting on Duncan’s doormat and couldn’t wait to see what each crayon has to say.

The crayons have decided to come home, yet they are very disgruntled about how Duncan has treated them. The Little Bookworms couldn’t believe what some of them had been through. Poor Maroon Crayon was snapped in half after being sat on by Duncan’s dad, Neon Red Crayon was left stranded by a poolside on a holiday, Poor Yellow Crayon and Orange Crayon were left outside for too long and melted together… The list goes on.

Will the crayons make it home? Will Duncan be able to make it up to them after what he put them through?


This almost-wordless picture book captivated the Little Bookworms. It all starts with a “BANG” when a deer is so busy reading that he crashes his car. He isn’t the only one as an animal crashes into the back of him, followed by many other animals in weird and wonderful vehicles, creating absolute carnage.

The Little Bookworms loved spotting the different animals and objects on each page, especially the chameleon with pots of paint balanced on the back of his truck.

After hearing “BANG”, the Little Bookworms had great predictions about what could have happened and loved describing the pictures in their own words.

The final fold out pages conclude the book perfectly, showing the absolute chaos in beautifully vivid colours.

A book like no other

After loving “Press Here”, I had a feeling that the Little Bookworms would enjoy this book. This is a book like no other as the author and characters desperately need help to create a real story and to think of a title!

The Little Bookworms loved the first few pages where the characters were caught off guard and were staring back at them! The characters do all they can think of to create a story, then shout multiple times for an author.

They eventually find an author who turns out to be the real author of this book, Hervé Tullet himself!

An interactive book always goes down well with the Little Bookworms, and as well as thinking of a story and a title (there were some fantastic ideas), they loved pressing the light!

A case of the grumps

Today was the first day back after the Christmas holidays and I can imagine some of the Little Bookworms were feeling just like Grumpy Frog when they woke up this morning.

Grumpy Frog is adamant that he is not grumpy. He loves green, but he absolutely hates other colours, especially pink. Frog hates other colours so much that he refuses to go anywhere near them, even if that means that he has to play on his own.

You can only imagine what Grumpy Frog says when Pink Rabbit tries to befriend him.

The Little Bookworms were quick to point out the irony as Grumpy Frog’s tongue is in fact pink!

Finding himself all alone, inside a crocodile’s mouth, he has a moment of reflection… Will Grumpy Frog realise that he can’t always get his own way? Will he go for a swim with his friends in the blue water?

An ambitious adventure

Today was the last day of term: a perfect time for the Little Bookworms to experience a quest like no other.

When the Ice Queen sends a winter wind across the world, five heroes embark on an epic quest to break the spell. The heroes are not exactly typical heroes… A unicorn, a fairy, a gnome, a faun and a mushroom.

Alongside using unconventional heroes, Matty Long’s humorous comments aimed at adults are genius. It’s impossible to read this story without a smile!

After being chased by evil snowmen with ice weapons, threatened by Iceclops in a snowbrawl and gate-crashing an icicle reunion, the unlikely heroes are taken to the Ice Queen.

The Ice Queen decides to freeze them until only one hero is left – Herbert.

Can Herbert the gnome single-handedly break the Ice Queen’s miserable spell?

An unexpected star of the show

Today we saw a fantastic nativity, performed by Reception, and this book instantly sprung to mind.

The Little Bookworms loved following the journey of the class in the book as they were assigned parts, made their costumes, practised over and over again, and finally performed to an audience. This made the Little Bookworms reminisce about the parts they played in the nativity last year and a few of them could relate to the shepherd.

The shepherd sings the wrong part, dances the wrong way and forgets when to go off stage. The Little Bookworms could remember exactly how they felt after making mistakes like that in front of their grown ups!

Important Angel is frustrated as the shepherd steals her limelight, yet he couldn’t care less. He has tried his best and made his Granny extremely proud. A truly heartwarming story.

A mysterious mouse

The Little Bookworms love Julia Donaldson’s rhyming stories. Many of them had read this fantastic book before and were eager to share the ending!

From the first page, the Little Bookworms joined in with the rhymes and giggled when the Gruffalo’s child listened intently to warnings about the “Big, Bad Mouse”. These descriptions provoked great discussions about powerful adjectives.

Despite the warnings, the Gruffalo’s child ventures into the woods, alone. The Gruffalo’s child spots animals peeking out of their homes, but the Little Bookworms were quick to dismiss these animals as they didn’t quite fit the descriptions of the “Big, Bad Mouse”.

Is there really a “Big, Bad Mouse” in the woods?

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