An ambitious adventure

Today was the last day of term: a perfect time for the Little Bookworms to experience a quest like no other.

When the Ice Queen sends a winter wind across the world, five heroes embark on an epic quest to break the spell. The heroes are not exactly typical heroes… A unicorn, a fairy, a gnome, a faun and a mushroom.

Alongside using unconventional heroes, Matty Long’s humorous comments aimed at adults are genius. It’s impossible to read this story without a smile!

After being chased by evil snowmen with ice weapons, threatened by Iceclops in a snowbrawl and gate-crashing an icicle reunion, the unlikely heroes are taken to the Ice Queen.

The Ice Queen decides to freeze them until only one hero is left – Herbert.

Can Herbert the gnome single-handedly break the Ice Queen’s miserable spell?


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