A case of the grumps

Today was the first day back after the Christmas holidays and I can imagine some of the Little Bookworms were feeling just like Grumpy Frog when they woke up this morning.

Grumpy Frog is adamant that he is not grumpy. He loves green, but he absolutely hates other colours, especially pink. Frog hates other colours so much that he refuses to go anywhere near them, even if that means that he has to play on his own.

You can only imagine what Grumpy Frog says when Pink Rabbit tries to befriend him.

The Little Bookworms were quick to point out the irony as Grumpy Frog’s tongue is in fact pink!

Finding himself all alone, inside a crocodile’s mouth, he has a moment of reflection… Will Grumpy Frog realise that he can’t always get his own way? Will he go for a swim with his friends in the blue water?


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