The crayons are back

When I showed the Little Bookworms the front cover of this book there were squeals of excitement that there was a sequel to “The Day the Crayons Quit”.

The Little Bookworms were intrigued by all of the postcards waiting on Duncan’s doormat and couldn’t wait to see what each crayon has to say.

The crayons have decided to come home, yet they are very disgruntled about how Duncan has treated them. The Little Bookworms couldn’t believe what some of them had been through. Poor Maroon Crayon was snapped in half after being sat on by Duncan’s dad, Neon Red Crayon was left stranded by a poolside on a holiday, Poor Yellow Crayon and Orange Crayon were left outside for too long and melted together… The list goes on.

Will the crayons make it home? Will Duncan be able to make it up to them after what he put them through?


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